So,Social or Not ? Mini Documentary

So,Social or Not ?- Mini Documentary by CJ

This project focused on combining editing and move making techniques with creative design and planning in order to create a documentary that aimed on an interviewed subjects.

About the topic - Social Media

Social media in the 21st century has become a huge part of the world we live today and now it has taken over our everyday life. So, lot of people do not realize that they are addicted to social media because it is normal in society. Asked few different kind of personalities (students/ workers) their views about current social media activities.

Questions asked in the interview

  • How often do you use social media? / What is Social Media for you? 
  • Does is distract you from your work or studies?
  • Is Social Media Positive or negative to you?
  • Could you live without social media?
  • Do you think people are addicted with social media?


  • HD Video Camera     - Canon D750
  • Mobile phone Camera    - Huawei Mate9
  • Microphone / Recording device - TASCAM - Portable handheld Digital Audio Recorder
  • Locations - Victoria University of Wellington / Relish for Food cafe Wellington/ Lower Hutt

Special thanks to

Palitha De Silva
Jacob Hawkins
Vincent Cherry
Panchani Jayamanne
Victoria University of Wellington
School of Design

Camera help

William Shaw


Youtube audio library - turn on/ white hats Documentary - AShamaluevMusic

Software Programs Used