Luxy, a luxury handbag

"Luxy" by CJ - A luxury handbag with a Bluetooth speaker built in specially designed to listen to classical music.

It is simple that fashion and music go together. As before long as a trend is noticed among the music business, be it an increase in urban sounds or a revival of electronic music, you'll guarantee that this may part be followed by a similar trend stoning up within the fashion business in a way or another. So is the luxury and the classics. The mixture between classical music and luxury fashion through the decades has been a complex one but according to the latest studies most of the wealthy people listening to classical music. So, in this article we are introducing a new speaker “Luxy” that can be used as a luxury bag.

CJ’s approach to audio is best described as luxury classic. It is designed to be used in a luxury environment even though it’s not used classic materials to create this device. This Bluetooth speaker handbag is designed using Fusion 360 software from Autodesk and printed using the latest 3D printing technologies. Printer called J750 is used for some parts and for other parts usual 3D printing is used. Gold plated frames , logo and a leather wrap around the 3D printed (Plastic) case furnished a luxury look since leather is one in all the foremost versatile purse materials within the bag marketplace, and quality bags will last for years.

This Luxury handbag is essentially a combination of a Bluetooth speaker, and a handy handbag. Operation of the speaker bag is very easy as it is made using simple side buttons to turn on and off then a magnetic charging port to charge it. Another simple magnetic mechanism is used to open and close the bag. The Luxy comes in a luxury box with USB charger and gold USB magnetic cable.  

Working prototype photos

Using the blutooth speaker and the bag.

3D rendered images

To see the design idea and the process please visit the luxy blog here

Software Programs Used