Day Trip - Web/Mobile App - Group Project

Day Trip is a random activity generator where you roll a dice and it gives you a goal for something to do during the day, e.g. go out for coffee, go on a bush-walk etc. Once you get your suggestion you will be linked up to a nearby location via the Google Maps API where you can do that activity. We think that this will give people an excuse to get out and do things where they often wouldn’t, like a boredom killer that encourages you to leave the house.

Click here to check the App

Team + Roles

Mary Richards - UI designer
Mitchell Barclay - Developer Javascript/HTML/CSS
Jackie Xu - Social media/Google Maps API
CJ Ekanayake- Design/Animation/HTML/CSS


This project was created using HTML, CSS & Javascript. It is a responsive website that focuses its UI on the mobile experience.

Software Programs Used